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The neck and lower back are common places for patients’ to experience pain, and sometimes even injury to vertebral discs.

The stronger/fibrous outer layers of the disc can occasionally, as a result of trauma or overuse, be torn or even rupture leading to the protruding of the softer/gelatinous interior of the vertebral disc. This is a very serious condition that can cause symptoms in the arms or legs of patients, including radiating, shooting pain, numbness, tingling or weakness. These conditions need proper evaluation and treatment to ensure the best long term outcome, and least chance of progression of the symptoms. At Remedy we can assess patient’s symptoms and treat the condition appropriately.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. As a result it is also very susceptible to injury.

The rotator cuff muscles, glenohumeral joint capsule, bursa and supporting soft tissue structures are all the subject of a variety of conditions that can cause shoulder pain. At Remedy we can evaluate your shoulder condition and prescribe the most effective form of treatment to help relieve your pain.

Neck pain is a very common symptom people seek treatment for in our office. A thorough history and hands on evaluation of the muscles and joints in the neck and upper back help us determine the causes of patients’ pain.

Do you have neck pain related to sitting at your computer? Has your work environment been evaluated for proper ergonomics? Also your trusty smartphone can have a very unpleasant side effect… neck pain.”

Neck and upper back pain can often be related to Upper Crossed Syndrome – an extremely common condition that affects the upper back and neck of people who frequently use smartphones or sit at a computer for extended periods of time. As a result of the prolonged sitting that most people do in an office setting, the muscles in the upper back and neck get tight and sore. By continuously contracting for hours at a time these upper back muscles become shortened and can even build up tension in the form of trigger points – as a result the muscles on the opposite side of your body, your neck flexors, become inhibited and weak. In addition the muscles in your chest are slightly contracted and become tight, and consequently the opposing muscles in your mid back become weak.

This is a cycle that repeats itself on an hourly and daily basis and in doing so creates an unhealthy imbalance in your musculoskeletal system. The most common symptoms that result from this imbalance are headaches, neck, upper back and/or shoulder pain. The repetitive stress on these joints can lead to early osteoarthritis (joint degeneration) and further problems as your body ages over time.

Treatment for Upper Crossed Syndrome is most effective if it addresses all the aspects that are causing it. Reversing this kind of stress and tension generally starts with identifying the tight muscles, and restricted joints. Treatment can address these issues by releasing the scar tissue that builds up in tight muscles, and restricts normal motion in your shoulders, neck, and upper back. Long term care includes exercises to strengthen the areas that are weak, stretching regularly and sometimes modifying ergonomics (seated posture) at work that contribute to and often cause this condition.

If you are injured while at work and need treatment you have the ability to choose the office you want to receive treatment from, and can even change Attending Physicians up to two times if necessary.

Our office specializes in musculoskeletal injuries like lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle sprains, or any other condition related to injured joints and muscles, and we can evaluate your injuries and outline a treatment plan that will get you back to work and injury free as soon as possible. For Worker’s Compensation claims there is no out-of-pocket expense, and you will receive the necessary treatment to fully recover from your injuries. 

studies indicate that chiropractic care may improve athletic performance by  16.7%

The providers in our office are specialists in recognizing minor changes in joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves – all the structures utilized when participating in athletic pursuits. This kind of early detection is essential for any athlete who wants to perform at the peak of their ability, and avoid the common over use injuries that sideline many athletes.

The number of professional sports teams that include chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists are too numerous to list, but it is almost a foregone conclusion that these disciplines would be included in the team of healthcare specialists taking care of professional athletes. Below are quotes from some of the most recognizable athletes who have defined greatness in their chosen athletic field.

There are a variety of differing types of headaches.

Each with a different cause and need for recognition through a proper history and accurate diagnosis. Treatment for headaches varies, but often if one of the contributing factors is musculoskeletal the symptoms will respond well to acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy. The providers at Remedy can evaluate the cause of your headaches and work to relieve the symptoms.



There are a wide range of causes for lower back pain, but one very common cause that can usually be treated is sitting at a computer for hours at a time.

In fact, 80% of adults have back pain at some point in their life. Why is back pain so prevalent? What kinds of stress are we putting on our bodies to cause these symptoms so frequently?

Some of these questions can be answered by taking a look at the modern workplace. Sitting for six to ten hours a day at a desk or computer is one cause, another is the physical nature of other jobs that constantly put wear and tear on joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments over a long period of time.

For those that sit at a desk, there is a very common condition referred to as Lower Crossed Syndrome, which describes the body mechanics involved in sitting for extended periods of time. When asking your body to maintain a seated position for the average length work day the muscles in your lower back, and the muscles that connect your spine to your pelvis often become tight, and shortened from contracting for so long. As a result the muscles that do the opposite function in your body become weak from not being used to the same degree that the opposing muscles are. This imbalance has negative consequences for the strain it puts on your back and ultimately your joints, which are the structures in your body that facilitate movement.

Lower Crossed Syndrome is a precursor to other conditions which result from the long-term strain on the body due to the muscle imbalances, these include Increased Lumbar Lordosis, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Chronic Lower Back Pain, Piriformis Syndrome, Knee Pain, and Osteoarthritis (Joint Degeneration).

Management of Lower Crossed Syndrome includes first examining the muscles and joints of the mid and lower back, and hips to determine the severity of the symptoms. Treatment involves removing trigger points and adhesion’s (scar tissue that builds up as a result of the chronically shortened muscles), and joint manipulation/mobilization to restore normal motion to joints that are lacking full range of motion as a result of tight muscles. In addition other therapies often prescribed are Ultrasound, Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Strengthening Exercises, and Stretching. 


Motor vehicle accident symptoms can develop days or weeks after an accident

Symptoms may include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Upper back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain

At Remedy we offer patients free evaluations if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Drivers, passengers, bikers and pedestrians in the state of Oregon are covered for treatment following a motor vehicle accident. Whether you were at fault or it was the other driver’s fault, insurance covers treatment that is necessary as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Chiropractic , acupuncture and massage therapy are covered after a car accident or work injury. You do not need medical insurance to seek professional help if you become injured in an accident, or at work.

open a medical claim with your auto insurance, follow these easy steps:

1.  Call your auto insurance company: A claims adjuster will be assigned to your case and will help you open your claim

2.  Provide Remedy with the following information:

  • the name of your insurance company
  • the name and phone number of your claims adjuster
  • medical claim number (which you get from your adjuster)