Remedy Patient Testimonials

Wellness made here! Amazing acupuncture results and fantastic massages! Everyone should experience this & treat themselves.
Kimberly C.

I recommend Remedy. They listen to what you want and don’t force what you don’t want. They engage you and together make the decision for your own path of wellness. Love these people!
Jennifer W.

I was in the midst of training for my first marathon (2012 Portland) and developed ‘runners knee’.  John assessed the situation and recommended a bit of ultrasound, basic exercises, and some regular massage therapy on my legs.  My massage therapist  did a fantastic job, and in a very short time frame, I was back on track with my training.  This weekend, I just completed the race pain free!  Thanks much John.  You guys did a fantastic job and I could not have succeeded without your help. – Ben G.

I have been able to get in with a day or two notice, which is convenient when your body is needing some specific work. I would recommend remedy for any therapeutic type of work.
Janelle T.

I have been treated by Kathryn a few times for headaches as well as minor aches and pains. She has a light touch and gentle manner. I’m still not sure how some little needles in my hands and feet make a nasty headache go away but she sure makes it work. I always come away feeling calm, relaxed and pain-free.
– Daniel M.

Kathryn Peak has treated me with acupuncture for pain, headaches and colds/sinus issues. Being new to acupuncture,
I was amazed at how well her treatments worked.   She has also created herbal formulas for me that have worked wonders.  I highly recommend her! – MC M.

I came to Remedy after a bad fall, I hit the gravel after jumping off my horse going 20mph. My shoulder and hip were really banged up. Dr. Cherveny and his LMT’s were wonderful.  Within a week I was starting to feel back to normal. I know that I would still be healing had I not come in for treatment.  – Kellie J.

I initially came to Remedy as a newbie in all three services that they provide.  Never have I had experienced a chiropractic adjustment, an acupuncture treatment, or a therapeutic massage in my life.  I was truly nervous to dive right in, but I am so glad I took this approach. The staff there including the receptionist, have all made this a fantastic experience thus far.  I alternate between the services bi-monthly for general upkeep.  The clinic will also be very flexible in providing service when I have a gout attack, and need to plot out urgent appointments that will ease the troubles the condition gives me. In my eyes, anyone wanting to give these  services a whirl, solo or in juncture with each other, this is the place. Convenient location, warm, professional and educated staff, works well with Moda, and a great facility are all the perks.  – Evan S. 

From athletic training, my job, and previous car accidents I have dealt with persistent muscle tension and pain in my back and neck as well as tight muscles in my shoulders and hips.  For many years I just lived with this pain, I have tried massage and chiropractic in the past but didn’t find it very effective for me.  When my trainer gave an amazing review at Remedy I had to check it out.  Who wouldn’t want relief right?  I started meeting weekly with all three specialities, as a nurse I wanted to be proactive about my health not neglect it.  Meeting with Kathryn the Acupuncturist has been helpful in many ways.  Especially addressing how my body is doing holistically and be advised about diet, aids during menstruation and PMS, and stress/anxiety relief.  Meeting with the Massage Therapist has relieved pain that I have carried for years.  Whether it is tight areas from training, car tissue from a rafting accident, painful areas from the stress and labor of caring for my patients, she finds those tough areas and provides relief.  It brings me hope knowing that I don’t have to live with the pain.  Meeting with Dr. John is preventative for me, I have areas of tension but mostly I want to be proactive and catch it before it starts! Also, he provides strengthening exercises and advice for proper body mechanics to help prevent or trigger the tension before it starts. Overall my care at Remedy has been so helpful.  Everyone emits a warm, caring, and positive attitude.  They work super hard to help meet the goals you are striving for and really care about your wellness.  After treatments at Remedy I leave with a smile on my face and a more balanced, relaxed body, mind and soul.  Thank you all. – Jennifer C.

I had  lower back pain and Dr. John’s treatment and preventative plan quickly solved the problem.  – William G.

I love my Zumba classes but, ouch I was starting to get nasty pains in my right foot after each class.  My MD found nothing in an x-ray, the podiatrist gave me regular cortisone shots to temporarily alleviate the pain.  But Dr. John C. helped me work on preventative stretching as well as treatment.  He was the most thoughtful of any of my care providers in finding the problem and the long-term solution.  – Kate W.

 Came in with back pain, have been seeing Dr. John and getting adjustments, I feel better and am playing sports again.
– Mike N.